X Schließen

With a strong voice (Direction, Editing, 2min 36s)

feature length documentary

Who am I? Does somebody love me? How am I going to be as grown-up? And: “For what is my hand so white
If I may not hold my lover in an embrace?”
Around 40 girls and young women of a girls’ choir and a highschool in Berlin dealt with these question within a year long project in 2013/14. We developped a concert programme with music videos dealing with the topic of roles of women in romanticism and nowadays. In 2015, we shot additional material with the choir and the girls for a feature length documentary movie, which we are currently editing.
In cooperation with the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin and the Bertolt Brecht Highschool, financed by Berlin Projects Funds for Cultural Education.

Compositor: Tobias Schwencke

Direction of Choir: Friederike Stahmer, Gudrun Gierszal, Annemarie Bohn

Producer and Director: Cornelia Schlemmer

Co-Director and Editing: Stefanie Trambow

DoP: Anna Intemann, Stefanie Trambow