X Schließen

Lenin in Vogelsang (, 2min 11s)


Next to Vogelsang, a small village 60km north of Berlin, a garrison of the Soviet armed forces was established in 1952. With over 15,000 militaries and civilians the military town was one of the largest Russian real estates in the GDR. Only a few years after the Second World War, the former “enemies” were living next to each other as “brothers”. How did the “occupiers” and the “occupied” perceive each other? Which relations unfolded, which formal and informal contacts existed?

20 years after the decampment of the Soviets, Russian and German eyewitnesses talk about their individual and personal experiences. From different cultural perspectives. they tell about their first impressions of each other and remember the common everyday life from the violence of the war to the contradictions of the cold war through to the radical changes in the early nineties.

Direction and editing: Stefanie Trambow

Photography: Maxim Stepanov und Ilya Visokosov
Assistence: Kristina Holzapfel, Tatiana Ilichenko, Isabel Kraft
Music: Eloi Ragot
Soundscapes: Christian Ondracek
Sound Design: Florian Mönks