X Schließen

Handful of Life (Direction, extracts of a 20min exhibition)

Video installation

A woman, her daughter and her granddaughter are filmed while painting. In three parallel monitors you can see hands mixing colors, rinsing brushes and struggling for words . If you take the headphones, you can hear the three women as they talk about their life, their concerns and their dreams as well as their relationship to art. They also report on the self-image as a woman and an artist through the ages, from the challenges and opportunities that must meet each of them.
The video installation was part of the group exhibition “Handful of Life” with the artist Cornelia Schlemmer and the sculptor Uta Eckerlin, which was on display in the gallery “Kunstflügel” in Rangsdorf from Aug to Oct 2013.
I have also realized a 2014 multimedia installation in the Mendelsohn hall in Luckenwalde on “movement and stillness” and 2012/13 the interactive art project “The things are singing” with Cornelia Schlemmer and Uta Eckerlin.